These Are Three Best Foods To Reduce Depression

Many people are depressed in their lives. Some of them want to get out of the zone because they do not want to experience depression that is very disturbing their lives. To that end, is present to help those who want to recover from their depression.

Many things can be the cause of depression in a person. However, some foods may be believed to reduce depression that is being felt by a person.

1. Yogurt
Consuming yogurt can reduce excessive stress levels because it can increase serotonin levels in the brain that are used to provide a sense of relaxation in a person.

2. Almond Nuts
These foods contain nutrients such as Vitamin B, iron, magnesium and vitamin E which can produce more serotonin that affect the feel better.

3. Green Tea
Intake of green tea can make the mind become calmer and relax because it has antioxidant content is very high. In fact, consuming green tea is also suitable for you who doing diet program because it can lose weight.