The differences between spoken and written the Arabic in Qur’an

The pronounced language is the foundation for all languages. The language of revelation documented in the Qur’an is referred to as qaulan or pronunciation meaning a spoken word. This we need to emphasize because the different forms of language will greatly affect the meaning it contains. Meanwhile, you can visit to learn Arabic fast.

For comparison between speech form and written language, among others:

The written language is very bound by grammar, while the spoken language is more loosely inside.

In the language of speech, intonation or high-low pressure (tone) sound greatly affects the meaning it contains, while in written language there is no problem in terms of intonation.

Speaking parties usually meet each other in the same space and time dialogically and interactively (in speech), whereas in written language it is not so.

The one who knows best of a word is the pronoun itself. If the object (the person speaking) does not understand, can be directly asked to the relevant immediately. While in written language, there is usually a lot of different understanding, interpretation, and interpretation. Sometimes even contrary to the author’s intent, it can not be immediately confirmed at once.