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Satellite Internet Is Able To Reach 30 Million Remote Areas

Satellite technology for the Internet is less flashy than the internet via broadband cable or mobile broadband wireless mobile. But in Indonesia, the market potential is still quite large. Why is that? This is because in Indonesia there are still many remote villages that have not been and difficult to reach the internet connection. Therefore, because of the wide range of satellite internet, it is perfectly suited for use in remote, unexplored villages. One of the rural satellite internet providers you can find is https://www.mangoesky.com/home

In industry, the market of internet users via satellite is estimated to still reach 30 million inhabitants. They are residents who are still isolated telecommunications and live in remote areas and remote villages. From the estimated, we need of about 250 transponders to serve satellite internet channeled to spread the connection in every remote village.

In the industry, the satellite market is still focused on the telecommunications sector that became the largest customer. While in the future, the development of this industry will be more directed to the use of data.