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Errors in Programming helps the programmer grows

What I often encounter when learning programming, many people when the spirit of making the program and the middle of the road to see the problem, they give up. Meanwhile, you can check out inixindojogja.co.id/events/android-programming-android-studio/ if you’re looking for a highly-recommended Android programmer training.


For example like this, you create a program with Java, when you got the problem of error and so forth, you can not solve in some time until finally give up and say “Java is difficult, this error continues and I do not know what to do, and I can choose to learn others instead “. This is very wrong, Remember:

Reliable seafarers are not born from the calm waves

People who can be programmers because they often encounter errors in the applications they make, but they do not give up, they are looking for continuous results successfully solve. From the successful completion of the error lay we learn, continue and continue then be a programmer.

How to solving does not have to be alone, when you stuck in your own way, you can ask your friends who are more clever in programming, believe it, and you will learn a lot later.