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Prepare Physical and Mental Before Departing Hajj

Physical and mental readiness becomes one of the main things that must be prepared, before running Hajj or Umrah, as well as material. Strong physical and mental will support you to perform all worship while in holy land. If you are ready, then you can visit http://www.hajjandumrah.com/hajj-packages. Here are things to prepare before leaving for Haj or Umrah:

– Intention
Straighten the intention only to worship and fulfill God’s call, we never know what will happen there. Forget the other intentions like want to show photo umrah in Mecca or want to get the title of Hajj to get high degree in society, just focus intention to worship with sincerity.

– Physical Preparation
In order for all Hajj to be performed properly, make sure you also do some physical exercises such as walking in the morning and afternoon or jogging if possible. Do also light exercise and keep the health to stay fit.

– Prepare Mental
Also prepare your mental to deal with various things, such as toilet facilities, facing the behavior of people and also face other things. Do not let us complain a lot because it has high expectations in Hajj.