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Types of pitch and rules in softball

Fastpitch softball is a game determined by the pitcher. Pitchers throw the ball at maximum speed, similar to baseball. The differences are in the pitcher style and the way the ball is released. The release of the ball lies underneath or equal from the position of the glove. In the meantime, you can also check out the best slowpitch softball bats for getting the upgraded performance.

Modified softball pitch or often known as modball. The main goal is to soften the rules used in the fastpitch category so unaccustomed players will not be surprised by the strict rules on softball such as the strike zone, the distance between the bases, the length of the game and so on. The pitcher throwing speed in modball lies between fast and slow pitch. Ball speed is limited by arm rotation over the shoulder.

Slowpitch softball makes it easy for the batter to hit the ball. The batter is given the ball continuously by the pitcher until it can hit the ball. The pitcher pitch slowly soared. These games are often played in social communities as a competition, without being limited by age and gender.


Number of players
The number of softball players per team is 9 people led by a team skipper with players: 1 pitcher’s; 2 catcher’s; 3.4.5 baseman; 6 shortstops, short fielder; 7.8,9 left fielder, middle fielder, and right fielder.

Time of each Match
The length of the softball game is determined by the inning ie 7 innings. Understanding 1 inning is every team playing 1 time turn to hit and 1 times as a guard squad.

In softball game, there are generally 4 referees, base umpire. 1 person head referee, base umpire as many as 3 people with the following positions:
The referee heads his place behind the catcher
The base umpire in charge of the field determines the death of the bat in each base.