Special promo for local employees can increase small business profits

Consider the location around your business standing, is there an office or company that operates? You can take advantage of it to do local marketing, namely by giving a special promo to them. However, beforehand, they must first show their business cards, badges, or identities that indicate that they are working in that place. However, not infrequently the way it is actually more utilized by other consumers. For that, you can create a “VIP card” to share with local employees and they can show it when they want to buy your product. This can increase awareness of your business, especially if you boost your local mobile internet marketing with the recommended geofencing.

In addition to this one trick, you can use the conventional way, namely to distribute business cards. Try to “meet” at least five new people each week. Introduce yourself and ask these people if they have ever tried your product. If not, give your business card with an attractive offer behind it. Good luck and good luck!