Questions to Ask ProspectiveEdmonton Insurance Companies

More often than not these days, a person looking to insure their vehicle will do so online in order to make the generous savings usually offered. They scour the market for the most affordable Edmonton insurance companies out there, scan the details on the screen and hit the ‘buy’ button.

However, it’s pretty much a given that about 99% of these individuals will in no way read every last detail of the policy they are taking out and thus could be taking home way more or less than they bargained for. This is why even when looking to buy online it is still important to be ready to ask any and all necessary questions if they are not covered in the online description.

For example:

What If I Am Dissatisfied with the Service Further Down the Line?

The very best Edmonton insurance companies across the board will always offer something of a cooling-off period or a get-out clause, as something of a satisfaction guarantee. This means that for a limited time or perhaps even during the course of the whole policy term, a buyer can request a cancellation of the rest of the term without being charged the Earth for it.

What If I find a Better Deal Elsewhere?

Almost all leading Edmonton insurance companies you come across today will offer something of a price promise, which means that if you find a cheaper policy of the same quality elsewhere they will either refund you the difference or allow you to cancel your policy free of charge. This should be expected as standard – don’t proceed without a price promise.

What Guarantees Do you Offer in Terms of Settlement Times and Resolutions?

It can take weeks, months or in the worst instances year for an auto accident case to be fully settled and a resolution reached. So the question is – should the policy holder have to sit around for all this time with no car, no compensation and no guarantees of when life will return to normal? Of course not – the insurer should make all the necessary arrangements and payments in the shortest time possible and then retrieve their money from the responsible party. Always ask just how long you will be left waiting if and when problems arise.

How About when New Deals Become Available?

Every noticed that it is only ever new customers that are given the lowest rates and best incentives? Totally unfair – always question your insurer as to whether you too will be eligible for future offers that would otherwise see you paying way more than new customers.

Why Should I Choose You?

The all-encompassing question that they should have a thousand valid answers to and be willing to share them all. If you’re still not sure why you should choose one provider over another, ask them outright what makes them so special and make your decision based on their answers. This can often be quite revealing as while some will blow their own trumpets ‘til the cows come home, others will be stumped and left quite speechless.

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