Dubai Travel Guide

Dubai is one of the famous and attractive tourist destinations in the world. It is famous for its manmade architecture and its natural beauty. Dubai tour alone can be enriching and exciting in itself. There is an epic boom of construction in Dubai and many tourist attractions are being built to attract tourists from all around the world.

Dubai has a variety of shopping malls, mosques, churches, forts, artificial islands, entertainment places, beaches, hotels, museums, parks etc. you name it and you get it. It ranks number 1 for luxury homes in the world.

Cultural Ethics

Dubai has its own unique culture and it expects every tourist to follow that till they are in Dubai. While visiting Dubai you should be aware of the culture and behavioral rules; breaking of which sometimes may even lead to punishment and police cases. No visitors are allowed to consume food or drinks in open during Ramadan fasting period. If found guilty; you can even be put on a trial.

Shopping Tourism

Dubai is known as the shopping capital of the Middle East. This city attracts large number of tourists from all around the world through its attractive malls. Also Dubai International Airport is duty free which allows all the multinational passengers to shop freely. Dubai’s numerous shopping centers caters various customer needs like clothing, jewelry, cars, electronics, décor, sports equipment and any other goods. Continue reading

The Waterways Of London

Whether you like boating in general or like the views of London, you will want to make sure you check out these great spots. The water in London is very unique and you will enjoy boating on it. You can even see different fish species if you are lucky enough.

Jason’s Canal Boat Trip

If you are on a romantic date, there is no better place to take her or him. You will get to see some very colorful and bright scenery when going along the Regent’s Canal from Little Venice. You will then travel through Regent’s Park and finally end at Camden Lock. Then you get to backtrack all the way to the start. You will be on a boat that is 100 years old. If you want to see the finest quality of something that has lasted 100 years in the water, you will be sure to check this out. You will have a live guide on the boat giving you some tips as well as facts throughout the trip. You will be traveling 45 minutes in each direction, so make sure you are comfortable. It is about the length of a typical movie though, so it is not that bad at all. You will feel like you are in a movie as well with all the wonderful things to see. Since 1951, the commentary on the boat has been going on strong. That is only 6 years after World War II. If you are in a group and want to travel on the boat, you can check out the Dusk ’til Dawn canal boat. Make sure you book ahead for the best chances of getting aboard. It is very affordable for everyone. Continue reading