Hotels in Sofia

Most entrepreneurial meetings are conducted in hotels or resort. This inspires hotels to generate ambiance filled up with business and leisure proponents. Many of these facilities are providing conference halls for businessmen to conduct their seminars and also other industrial events.

These hotels in Sofia include conventional halls that could accommodate up to 100 or maybe more individuals. The bigger the area, the higher the accommodation it could give the clients.

Strongly Recommended Hotels with Conference Hall in Sofia, Bulgaria

Business events that hold numerous participants is suitable to be locked in hotels which have huge conference halls. Furthermore, the catering services should possess high-standard quality. Listed here are the 5 recommended hotels in Sofia which have spacious halls.

1. Brod Hotel Sofia. This hotel is situated at 66 Simeonovsko Boulevard. The house offers fully-equipped conference hall and rooms, which are ideal for holding sales events, corporate meetings, and also other social gatherings. The place management provides airport transfer services for brand spanking new tourists.

2. Budapest Hotel Sofia. E-commerce-oriented facility is situated at 92 Budapest St. It can be located at the heart from the city. This hotel sofia Bulgaria offers flexible and spacious conference halls, which are suitable for high-end business events. The place management has concierge desk to accommodate business travelers.

3. Lozenetz Hotel Sofia. This hotel is tagged because the oasis of Sofia for relaxation. This convenient hotel with conference hall is situated at 23 Saint Naum St. 2 Sofia. It includes grandiose banquet and conference facilities, which are great for entrepreneurial activities.

4. Best The European Union Hotel Sofia. This hotel is situated at 1 Liditse Street Sofia. The place designs were inspired by The European Union culture. It can be filled with multi-conventional facilities like business offices, entertainment and sport areas, and commercial boutiques. The place offers spacious conference halls for huge business events and conference rooms for private conferences.

5. Best Western Expo Hotel Sofia. This hotel is situated at 149 Tsarigradsko Shose Boulevard. The place offers huge conference galleries that are compatible with business expo events. There are mini conference rooms that are compatible with business trainings and seminars, as well.

The very best Sofia hotel Bulgaria must be designed with amenities for individuals in the business industry. Hotels stated previously provide finest ambiance, as well as their locations are found at the iconic spots in Sofia.

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