Apparently, Vending Machine Is Also Have Social Functions!

Vending machines generally facilitate users in buying drinks or snacks without having to bother looking on the shelves of supermarkets or queuing long at the cashier. However, Free Vending Machines Melbourne also offers more than just drinks, snacks, and convenience. Social functionality is no longer limited to social networking sites or applications on mobile devices only. In fact, the vending machines also use this function.

Social Vending allows users to buy drinks or food for their friends. Users can select the beverage they want to give, enter the beverage information, the mobile phone number, and a written message to be sent along with a special code. The recipient can take the drink to the nearest Social Vending by entering the special code shown in the message.

It is intended to offer a socially oriented experience for beverage transactions activities. Social Vending is claimed as the initial phase to bring social functions into their drinking machine. In the next phase, we can integrate Facebook or other social media into Social Vending.